The 2013 Community Grant Recipients

We are proud to present our 2013 grantees which cover a wide range of community interests:
  • youth mentorship
  • support of under-represented ethnic groups
  • support of trans community
  • leadership development
  • language support
  • family support

API Wellness Center – Trans Thrive (Bay Area)This grant serves the underserved trans community. It will specifically support Project In-TYCE (Integrated Transgender Youth of Color Empowerment) and a mentorship program for trans youth of color.

DeQH (National)This grant makes an impact within the LGBT South Asian community on a national level. Desi Queer Helpline is the first and only helpline in the U.S. dedicated to South Asian LGBTQ individuals.

API Family Pride (Bay Area)This grant will fund the updating of their Coming Out, Coming Home DVD so that it can continue to make an impact on families of LGBT APIs. They are all volunteer run.

API Equality (Bay Area)This grant will help fund their leadership development efforts in training, mentoring, and politicizing young LGBTQ API activists. They have been helping to develop future queer API community activists for 9 years now

Viet Rainbow of Orange County (SoCal)This grant will help fund a public service announcement aimed at bringing positive visibility of LGBTQ individuals in the Vietnamese-Community while promoting culture, community, family, and unity. The PSA will be broadcasted on local Vietnamese language television channels. This organization was formed as a result of the exclusion and discrimination faced by the Vietnamese LGBTQ community during the 2013 Tet Parade in Orange County.

UTOPIA (Seattle)This grant will help fund their leadership training retreat. UTOPIA specifically focuses on supporting the Pacific Islander community to provide them with a culturally affirming safe space and resources.

Visible Silence Film (National)This grant supports an arts project. It targets multiple underserved communities – women, transgender, Thai. This film is about 5 women who want to participate fully in Thai society and are committed to showing, through their words and example, that they exist; that they are good people who contribute to their society; that they matter.

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